Monday 15 February 2016

Guidelines on How to Check Your JAMB 2016 Result Online

The below step by steps guide on how to check your JAMB status, will be outline in the most simplest and easy way.
a) The first step to take is to goto:-
b) Proceed by Clicking 2016 UTME Registration
c) After which the page load, look at the right hand side of the page then you can click Check Result.
d) Then search for an empty box, there you can enter your JAMB Registration Number.
e) Now you can go ahead and click Check JAMB Result.

Guidelines on How to Reprinting JAMB result Slip

Just as we have already aforementioned, we will be showing you many different things, you really to know about the JAMB 2016 UTME Examination.

Reprinting your Jamb Result Slip is so simple. And this is especially required when you successfully check your Jamb result and then the next thing to do is to Reprint your Jamb Result.

1. The first step to do is to Buy E-facility Card (N1000) from JAMB accredited offices.

2. Now proceed by clicking on the Jamb Result Checking Portal Here.

3. Proceed by entering your e-facility card PIN and Serial Number.

4. After which, you can insert your Registration number.

5. And then the last thing to do is to Click on “Submit”